I love contrasts!

Remember Vivin and Cayo. She’s the wind, he is earth and together they are living on the water.

But what will we get now?

We have black and white, silver and gold,

shadow and light…

(☉ヘ☉ ;)ゞ

But that’s for sure,

in this chapter we’ll meet the monsters!

There will be a promise that can’t be kept and a lot of politics and history.

We’ll learn more about Ellean ( yes – like the cover shows, he’ll also annoy us in this chapter,^^)

and a lot more about Reeshan.

Have fun!




I’m so sorry, but there’s still no new voting incentive.

I confess… I’m playing FF14 Stormblood at the moment. Sometimes I simply need that. xD

But don’t worry – the weekly page upload is not in danger! I still have a good buffer.^^

And the actual incentive is worth to watch again and again. ;)

Warning: NSFW


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