ECHERAN – the Human Kingdom

Keshavir : capital of Echeran

Askaran :  A wealthy little town in the Pilar Mountains. Ayrin’s home.

Scandovar : a city that’s famous for its arena fights and gladiator schools. 
                    Ruled by the order of Surea the Bloodmaiden.

Eldern :  city of wisdom, build on the ruins of the Elder.
               Ruled by a council of five ‘Red Feather’ librarians.

Quiss : famous for blacksmithing


DAGRAN – the Yorasai (Demon) Kingdom

Vinjard : the lost city – former capital of Dagran.

Fortress Night Fall : Reeshan’s Home.


ALENTHIA – the Elven Kingdom

Shinlayn: capital of Alenthia

Vai’in: Home of the Drow


SUDE JORD & NORDE JORD – the Dwarven Kingdom

Jongur : capital of the Dwarven kingdom.


OROD – the Orc territory

Boll Par : capital of Orod