Yeah, Ree is definitely irritated.

Already last week I got questioned – Is it because it will screw up his plans or because he is possessive of Ayrin?

This page won’t give you an answer. xD

Maybe he’s still messed up because of the unfortunate meeting with Ellean.

Maybe it’s a lil bit of everything.


The apology is not due to the kiss. ;)




Btw…I finished the character design for Norn Thousand-Eye and Ula Crannsdota.

No, you didn’t miss something. I havn’t mentioned them before.

I’m just telling because I’m so proud of them. *_______*

I was afraid I wouldnt carry it off because I had to make a lot of morphs by myself, especially for him.

And my paragons set the bar very high! But I’m surprisingly pleased.





I’m so sorry, but there’s still no new voting incentive.

And the actual incentive is worth to watch again and again. ;)

Warning: NSFW


>>>>>VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!<<<<<


(Still the easiest way to support Wish & Will!)