Aaand the title of chapter 5 is open for speculations. ;)

My editor didn’t get the meaning, and maybe I should have explained it to her

to be sure I can really write it that way… but… yeah… I missed it.

So what will we get in this new chapter?

I already told you this will be a long way home, so no,

things won’t go as expected… or hoped.

Yes – Rin and Ree will have a lot of alone time,

even if we need to have a chat with Rin’s uncle, meet new people

and an entirely new race of intelligent creatures.

We will learn a lot more about the White King and in that regard,

about the origins of the demons.

We’ll see the Wandering Rift.

Nope, that place isn’t on the map because…

it’s wandering.

And it can’t be found if the inhabitants don’t want it.

It’s one of the most beautiful places I can imagine,

and I really hope I’ll be able to picture it like I already see it in my mind.

Stay with me, keep on reading

and a lot of dreams will become true.





The July TWC voting incentive is up!

And because it’s summer (in the northern hemisphere),

and a very hot one where I live,

you get a summer fun picture.


But I also give you some facts about the place it’s located.

This is the Eldermeer coast.

Meer is the German word for sea – so this is the sea of the elder.

It’s filled with the ruins of the Elder and named after them,

like Eldern what’s build on their ruins.

Yes, those ruins are HUGE!

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