Today I wanna share a few thoughts about fantasy worldbuilding.

If you want to create a world you shouldn’t think, it is like it is because I say so.

Of course, you don’t have to explain magic. Just keep your magic system consistent.

Don’t add constantly new features because it’s an easy way for your protagonists

to get out of inescapable situations. This is lazy writing!

But in this special case, I want to talk about races, especially demons.

I wanted them to be bisexual and sometimes a wee bit oversexed as well.

That’s why I added a procreation restriction.

 Demon women usually can have just one child.

Siblings like Ree and his sister are as rare as a twin birth for humans.

Otherwise, a demon woman has complete control over her conception.

(And yes, there is also a reason for that I’ll reveal later.)

So they don’t have to fear unwanted pregnancies.

Because of their access to magic healing, they don’t have to fear any kind of sexually transmitted diseases.

There are some other specialties, but I think I’ll talk about that later.

(Just wait for two pages and you’ll learn about one of them^^)

But if you have some questions, you already know I’m here.

One of the biggest benefits of a webcomic – we can always talk about it.

And I love to talk about it. xD




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