Thank you so much for your help last week. ♥ 

I’m really lucky to have the best readers ever!

Yesterday I’ve published my first Holiday gift on Facebook.

A little earlier this year. =)

I think lots of you have already seen it,

if not – here is my this year’s holiday card.

The next gift you’ll get on Monday.

Then I’ll post an EXTRA PAGE.


Maybe I should warn you…

I’m afraid, the story has a bad timing this year…





Have you already seen the December voting incentive?

Meet Najii!

He’ll probably appear next chapter

and certainly, he’ll set the pages on fire. xD

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This week I’d like to say a big, big thank to Clara ♥  for her donation to Wish & Will.

Thank you soooooo much! Many, many hugs and kisses!

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