I know – this page is a color jar. xD

And the black background is back.

Remember the last time I used a black background?

Yeah, the Eroha indeed is a carnivorous plant, also known as bath plant.

It’s not dangerous. It just absorbs everything dead in this water.

And that’s why it cleans you. ;’)




Well… there’s more today.

First, we got a new fanart, made by Yoko Palu – thank you sooooo much! 

I love fanart so much. I want MOOOOOORE. xD

And when we already talk about fanart…

Lot’s of you already have seen it –

I’ve published a Fanart I made on Facebook

for everyone who has not – it’s called


and I think everyone who is playing Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers knows why. ;)

And because this picture was such a huge success – there will be more!

I’m playing this game since the very beginning,

and when I created Cieran – I never changed him.

He’s still a Miqo’te with dark violet hair and he’s still a summoner.

One day I realized – this catboi is not me.

He has a life of his own, like each of my characters.

Of course, it follows the main story of the game,

but there’s way more I could tell you about him.

So yes – there will be more pictures.

(Indeed it was a lot of work to recreate those models in my own software.

 Especially Thancred.

I was completely torn between the ingame Thancred and the cinematic trailer. ) xD

And maybe- if you want – I will also tell you Cieran’s story.




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Just a warning. xD

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