And the water is starting to boil.

And it sparkles.

(′̤ÖÖ ू‵̤๑))*♡





I’m making Wish & Will for quite a long time now

and at the moment, I’m afraid I’m running out of ideas for new pinup art

I think I’ll quit making new voting incentives for a while.

I simply need something new and fresh

and that’s why I started my current Final Fantasy XIV fan project. 

I already told you about it

and you’ve seen the first picture…  


and I have a lot of fun with it at the moment,

and I’ll publish the picture as soon as it’s ready.

So no – I think you won’t miss anything.





Don’t miss the actual voting incentive!

Just a warning. xD

>>>>>VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!<<<<<


(Still the easiest way to support Wish & Will!)