Okay, the term ‘male dominance’ made the last page

one of the most commented in this comic’s history.

Not that edgy kinda joke I thought. xD

And for real, it doesn’t come from nowhere.

Let’s take a look at what happened to Ree.

He got raped, caught and mistreated by slavers. He got sold.

He lost his home. He lost his Family.

And then he met Rin.

And the sweet blushing Rin takes over the lead in chapter 3.

You think, giving someone a blowjob is service?

Remember page 115 when Vivin and Rin were whispering?

That was a lesson on how to control a man with your tongue. xP

And I did that to comfort Ree’s ego.

Now I’m cheering it up.

Who’s on top does not define who’s in charge in a relationship.

I think I balanced them.

By the way – I told it once – I tell it again:

Yes – most typical yaoi or shounen-ai mangas are created by women for women.

No – the typical uke design is not supposed to appeal pedophiles.

They are designed to be a role model for girls and women.

And that’s indeed the idea I started with when I made my character design.

To create a visually typical uke/seme pairing 

and balance them in the story.




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