Hiho, new weekend, new page,

and thanks for so much votes at TWC last week. 


If you haven’t seen the pin-up yet,  you still have  the chance  – if you have… vote again and take a second look.  xD

Although I’m afraid we won’t reach the first page this month, – too little time I’ll make a new voting incentive as soon as possible.

Furthermore I wanna thank Riley for a short but very very sweet review at The Belfry,  (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘) ~♥”

JesBelle for adding Wish&Will to the update list in the Western Yaoi Forum ,

and DanishWolf for advertise Wish&Will in the comments of “The Young Protectors”.    d=(^▽^)=b

I need every advertising I can get.  ^^