Ö____Ö … what happens next? 

Will I tease again?  ψ(*`ー´)ψ

Will you throw the stakes of your tents at me? XDDD

About monetizing my comic, I made my decision. Maybe I’ll change it later, but for now I won’t  go to patreon.

Why? A few years ago, I won a contest and became premier artist at Renderotica. I ever got a lot of comments

in the free section – but in the premier just a few. Yeah – less people – but I had to split my power between earning

a wee bit money and having fun by gaining attention. This was annoying so I quit after a while.

I will keep this comic and every single picture completely free for everyone. Your fun is my fun.

But there’s an other option. It worked for a long time for ‘The Young Protectors’ and maybe it also will work for 

Wish & Will.

Now you can donate for an additional page!

And if the goal will be reached, i’ll immediately post a bonus page the very next day or as soon as it’s ready!

Yes! If… (LOL this won’t happen… but IF) someone rich and crazy donates 4000$, I will post 10 pages on the following ten days! (If this happens twice, I’ll get a serious problem! XDDD)

Take a look below. Every previous donation has been added –

even yours, Mary! Thank you sooooooo much for your donation. Many, many hugs and kisses! ~(^з^)-❤

– so we start today with an amount of 90$ !

You haven’t any money? Never Mind! You still can support this comic.

Tell your friends, spread my link, vote on TWC and leave a comment!

By the way – if we stay in the top 100, I’ll add a new TWC incentive next week.

And yeah, if we reach 700 facebook likes (691 so far),  I’ll also will post a reward picture.

Gaaaahhh – so much text – I hope I didn’t make too much mistakes.

I really have to shut up now!

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆