To put the cherry on the cake, Reeshan is showing his sweet side,

 sexy with a cream topping. (^v^)

 This week I would particularly like to thank Joel, to Kaesha for her second and Desiree for her fourth (!) donation.

It bears repeating, this is very, very dear to me, because it’s not just money, it’s a highly appreciation of my work.

Many, many hugs and kisses. (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ°*♥°*♥°*♥

And it also bears to repeating to thank all of  you – again and again-

for your support, all your comments and votes – or just for reading and enjoying my comic!

And hey, Wish & Will is still in the top 100 of TWC.  *_____*

Let’s stay there!