Yeah, just a cover today.

What’s the meaning of ‘winged’?

Any speculations? xD

What will happen in chapter two? I will spoiler a bit.

There will be an incoming message from the capital.

We’ll meet Oldec Warchavor, another nobleman who lives in Askaran, and we’ll hate him.

We’ll also meet a dark, misterious, nameless person who’s with him.

We’ll see Reeshan fighting.

( You think we’ve already seen this? No, we haven’t!)

And we’ll see a dragon!

For everyone who missed the first TWC voting incentive, – and I think we have a lot of new readers,

it has been added to the gallery now!

Please don’t forget to vote on TWC.

This week I would particularly like to thank to Natasha for an unbelievable generous donation,

to Linda for her third, Kaesha for her sixth,

and Desiree for her ninth & tenth donation to Wish and Will.

Thanks sooooooooo much. Many, many hugs and kisses.

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I’m really grateful – now I can buy a new PC – and work faster on my comic.