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  • fanfic3112

    There’s nothing about this story you have to be “gay” to read or appreciate and I wouldn’t say this is a “gay” story. Just like in society you see every day (that has been there throughout every age and in every country) there are both hot guys and some happen to be interested in the same sex in addicted to the opposite sex or just the same sex. In a way it’s truly fictional to have every left out people who like the same sex from stories just as it’s fictional to have left out the many races that you see around you. Yaoi as a genre tends to be predominately by women for women and the plethora of hot sexy or cute guys is usually apart of it. Eye candy. No one is going to think you are gay just for reading this. Really this has more the feel of a dungeon and dragons, World of Warcraft, lord of the rings, hobbit type of feel to me but even in all three of those there’s there’s some characters who are written in who like guys. It’s subtle but even Disney has that in many of it’s movies including things like Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast. Some of the most highly proclaimed artworks, literary works, motifs, sculpture, murals, mosaics and even biblical art renderings in church’s have depictions of those who liked the same sex or both sexes. Read works by Lord Byron, Walt Whitman, Oscar Wilde and just walk through the streets of Florence, Rome, Pompeii site or look at motifs of Greek plates, even pictographs on cave paintings and wall art in pyramids and it’s there’s to be seen.

    • Anon

      “In a way it’s truly fictional to have every left out people who like the same sex from stories just as it’s fictional to have left out the many races that you see around you.”

      *standing ovation* Well said, mate.

  • kriss

    first of all I wanna say I hate you. I am jealous of you Me too an artist, me too drawing comics I am notb a gay. I hate gay stories. But what the F***k you attracted me to this story. You are f***ing talented. that’s all

    • Anon

      Empathy is a good thing, and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Being able to understand people who are different from you makes you a kinder and wiser person.

      If gay people can normally read, like, and care about straight characters and stories without being straight, then it shouldn’t be any less natural for straight people to read, like, and care about gay characters and stories. The only other option is to assume straight people are just naturally less capable of empathy, and I don’t think that has to be true.

  • Maxim Foster

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  • Kiara Queen Of KAOS

    looks Awesome

    • Welcome to Wish & Will! ♥
      And thank you for all your comments. =3

      • Kiara Queen Of KAOS

        Thank you for the Story I am so glade that I got to read it and see all of your wonderful art

  • Rangda

    Wery nice! Thank you! I like my ukes more masculine, but it is quite a nice read anyway :) and your art is very nice!

    • Thank you so much. <3
      Ayrin is really very girly. but I think, if you keep reading, you'll also get a lot of stuff according to your taste. ;)

  • Jitka Hruba

    daisuki – arigato :)

  • Jitka Hruba

    I can not wait continuing :D

  • Jitka Hruba


  • Jitka Hruba


    I look forward to continuing ,

    burning with anticipation

    • Thank you so much! Welcome to Wish & Will! <3

  • Eldarmage

    I really enjoy your comic, Candy! Glad I could finally show my appreciation <3 I only wish you could publish the story faster /post updates more frequently! This last one is going to kill me with suspense! hahah Thanks again! <3

    • Thank you so much. <3
      I hope you have found the additional page – I really don't want to kill you. xD

      • Eldarmage

        I survived, thanks Candy xD I really enjoy the story, and I’m so glad you are doing this comic! Keep up the good work! <3

  • Maria Knight

    <3 One of my fav yaoi comics ended (Teahouse) And I was truly sad but I am so glad to find another great comic with lovley drawings!

    • Kristen

      I feel you. I was a teacup too, (or teafighter if you also read starfighter) I just happened to stumble upon this comic yesterday and I agree completely with you. (Teahouse was the first online yaoi comic I ever read, I was so devestated)

  • Violet Lambert

    Just found this comic, Loving the cover. Seriously, very good art style Candy =)

    • thanks a lot and thank you for your like on facebook <3

      • Violet Lambert

        My pleasure, Keep up the very good work. I’m loving the ambiance of the comic =)