let's play master & servant
  • kriss

    first of all I wanna say I hate you. I am jealous of you Me too an artist, me too drawing comics I am notb a gay. I hate gay stories. But what the F***k you attracted me to this story. You are f***ing talented. that’s all

  • Maxim Foster

    Hello guys! I wanna present you a new blog of funny webcomics: http://welcometonightmareville.blogspot.it/


  • Kiara Queen Of KAOS

    looks Awesome

    • Welcome to Wish & Will! ♥
      And thank you for all your comments. =3

      • Kiara Queen Of KAOS

        Thank you for the Story I am so glade that I got to read it and see all of your wonderful art

  • Rangda

    Wery nice! Thank you! I like my ukes more masculine, but it is quite a nice read anyway :) and your art is very nice!

    • Thank you so much. <3
      Ayrin is really very girly. but I think, if you keep reading, you'll also get a lot of stuff according to your taste. ;)

  • Jitka Hruba

    daisuki – arigato :)

  • Jitka Hruba

    I can not wait continuing :D

  • Jitka Hruba


  • Jitka Hruba


    I look forward to continuing ,

    burning with anticipation

    • Thank you so much! Welcome to Wish & Will! <3

  • Eldarmage

    I really enjoy your comic, Candy! Glad I could finally show my appreciation <3 I only wish you could publish the story faster /post updates more frequently! This last one is going to kill me with suspense! hahah Thanks again! <3

    • Thank you so much. <3
      I hope you have found the additional page – I really don't want to kill you. xD

      • Eldarmage

        I survived, thanks Candy xD I really enjoy the story, and I’m so glad you are doing this comic! Keep up the good work! <3

  • Maria Knight

    <3 One of my fav yaoi comics ended (Teahouse) And I was truly sad but I am so glad to find another great comic with lovley drawings!

    • Kristen

      I feel you. I was a teacup too, (or teafighter if you also read starfighter) I just happened to stumble upon this comic yesterday and I agree completely with you. (Teahouse was the first online yaoi comic I ever read, I was so devestated)

  • Violet Lambert

    Just found this comic, Loving the cover. Seriously, very good art style Candy =)

    • thanks a lot and thank you for your like on facebook <3

      • Violet Lambert

        My pleasure, Keep up the very good work. I’m loving the ambiance of the comic =)