Yeah, a little closer view on Cayo, who’s also a very handsome guy (even he’s straight),^^

but hey, this is a semirealistic yaoi comic with Square Enix inspired design.^^

There will be al lot of beautiful people. xD

But,… spotlight on Rukh.

I really love to visualize magic. Magic can be visualized sooo pretty.

It’s the pure sense of wonder, let’s show it!

Google ‘legends of the cryptids’ and you’ll know what I mean. And always when I take a look on those pictures

I know, there is a lot of open space to improve my artwork. I’m working hard to improve on every page.

You’ll maybe not even notice it, but I hope you’ll see a huge difference when we’ll reach page 598…

 or something like that. xD


Yeah – scroll down…^^

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Maybe it’s just the silly season.

I hope so. Missing so much names… Ö.ö

I’m not just fapping here!

I’m doing this for you guys. I need your support! I wanna hear your voices! ;P