Ahahahaha! I know exactly what you’re thinking now.

Will this really happen?


A giant watersnake will arise from the river or some night dreads will appear

I’m telling you a secret:

I cannot do whatever I want.

Long time ago a guy told me ‘If you’re a writer, you’re God in your own universe.’

But today I can tell you – you’re not!

Everything you create, whether it’s a whole world, a plot or a single character, has to follow consistant rules.

If you break them after you fixed them – even just for yourself –  this won’t wash.

Sometimes I have to tease you because the story needs it.

Sometimes this has to happen because I don’t wanna force one of my boys to do something he’s not ready for.

He wouldn’t forgive me.

Reeshan is easy to handle. Whatever I ask him for, he can take it. 

Ayrin is way more complicated.

Is he ready to handle this…?

Place your bets.



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