On Tuesday, the 18th of October I’ll celebrate Wish & Will’s second brithday

and – like last year – you’ll get an additional page for free!!!!

♪~♪ ♪~♪☆(❁‿❁)☆°˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ °♪~♪ ♪~♪

I guess that’s at the precise moment. xD


Please don’t forget to vote at TWC!!! 

Have you already seen the new voting incentive?

It’s a dream! ^^

>>>>>VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!<<<<<


(The easiest way to support Wish & Will!)


This week I’d like to say a big thank to Tracie ♥ for her second donation to Wish & Will.

Thank you soooo much! Many, many hugs and kisses!

 (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ 〜*♥ ♥ ♥

Sorry, the donation progress bar plugin is still down. I had not time to fix this. =_____=

It’s at 111 $ at the moment.