Another abstract of the Seme Handbook:

23. Want to know the meaning behind your uke’s words? Use your handy uke-tionary.
No, I don’t want this = Fuck me
Stop it! = Fuck me
I need to sleep = Fuck me
What’s for dinner = Fuck me

Love me = Fuck me…?

Sorry but

love me means LOVE ME!



As you see, I made some changes.

I’ve got an advertising offer and accepted it, and  because even this supports my comic,

the money I’ll earn will be added to the donations.

And because I want this agreement to pay off for all of us, click this adorable banner,

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I also added a new flag on the right side! 

I proudly present the Wish & Will translation page, open for fan translations in any language. 

The first language is French and the first pages are up now. 

In particular I express my thanks to Killua11 and her sister Tsuki-no-Shinigami ♥ ♥ ♥

for their effort, putting so much work into translating my comic and creating this page.



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