I mentioned them before… no not in the story, just in my babble text ^^ and here they are.

The Night Dreads.

(Lucky you, they didn’t interrupt the hot stuff.)

Night Dreads are something between ghosts and vampires, but they are an independent species,

they don’t turn their victims into one of them, they subsist on their life energy and simpley kill them.

(Believe me, no pleasant death.)

But why do they show up now? Reeshan has a point there. They won’t be a match for him.

Maybe I just wanna show something creepy…?

I need an encyclopedia… or a wiki page…

Point 2936 on my to do list…



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Two of my former voting incentives are up in the gallery now.

And because he’s the one who didn’t undress while the hot stuff was running, both are Ayrin pinups.

The shy beauty and the hot rainbow idol.



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