I love elves!

(Damn! Still no shade of an elf anywhere…)

But as you can see, not everyone does.

Indeed Ayrin is an exception and I think his reasons are… elusive for the most.

The question if you’ll like the elves in this world or not persumably depends on who you like more,

Legolas or Thranduil.

They are absolutely no tree-huggers!





Well,… here we are again, just like every year.

It’s Christmas!


After I had an extremly stressfull pre-Christmas period,


I just can hope I’ll make it in time to finish your gifts.

This will be:  

A sexy Christmas card tomorrow,…


…and a BONUS PAGE on Sunday!!!



The Christmas card is up now!




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Have you already seen the December voting incentive?

Maybe a dream, maybe a preview.


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