Thank you so much for all your lovely comments last week.

Thanks to all silent readers who showed up. Nice to meet you. I’m happy you’re here. ♥

Thanks to the active commenters for every single comment. They always save my day. ♥

Thanks to everyone between, I’m always happy to see you again and to know you’re still reading.♥

♥ ♥ ♥(٭°̧̧̧꒳°̧̧̧٭)♥ ♥ ♥

This was a great start for this new year.

Honestly I’m also a mostly silent reader.

Although I often have to hold back. 

I’m a smart-ass. Really, it’s terrible.

I always wanna help but most people don’t wanna hear something… constructive. xDDDDD

And actually I’m possibly part of a wave because I don’t even have time to read.




 I’m sorry – still no new voting incentive on TWC.


I can’t make it at the moment and I don’t want to produce half-assed stuff.

Well… I’ll skip this for a while, but I really hope you nevertheless will vote.

>>>>>VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!<<<<<


(Still the easiest way to support Wish & Will!)