Sadly not immediately, but soon.

Trust me, he’s worth the wait!

That’s why he got the cover. And – of course –  because he’s gorgeous!

A man with a complicated past, born by a queen but not the king’s son.

A bother. A troublemaker. A bastard.

He is a competitor.

(Yeah, you’ve got me there. I’m crazy about him.)

Well, new chapter, new oracle. What else will we get in this chapter…

I already told you, we’ll meet Jelen. But no, he’s not Ayrin’s brother.

We’ll also meet a few strong women.

There’s Ayrin’s fiancée, Princess Ivella.

Some of you have already seen her, and her hot-blooded demon maid (and bodyguard) Taica,

(Their character design was one of the previous voting incentives) but for the new readers I’ll ad them to the cast the next few days.

But first we’ll meet  another one – very colorful, very noisy and sharp-eyed.



Be prepared! Buy tissues! A Lot!

We’ll get the first PORN!

ÖÖ ԅ(‾⌣‾ԅ)

 Honestly, it’s my intention to create the hottest fapping material all over the world wide web.

о(>▽<)y ☆

Hmmm, I’m just not sure how much I can tell you now, because I realized, this chapter will be very long. maybe I have to split it in two parts…

At the moment I’m still on the ship, spending more time on the river as originally planned.

Maybe because I’m still afraid of Keshavir.

Architecture isn’t my greatest talent… and there are so many people….

I just can hope I’ll be able to picture my vision of this city. The biggest city on the map…



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